Audio mastering tips and tricks

Audio mastering is a process of final audio enhancement, that makes the album or a track sound rich, loud and crisp. In other words it makes it sound as good as the stuff you hear on a radio.

When mastering audio it is a good practice to take a break for a while moving from mixdown. Clear your ears for few days to avoid bad judgement that can result from hearing same old track over and over during mixdown process.

It is a good idea to do A/B test and compare your tunes to other great sounding commercial releases. Also test your tracks on several monitoring systems and a crappy soundsystem as well, such as old car stereo for example. If you feel that it doesn’t sound that great, go back to the mixing stage and tweak it. If something isn’t sounding right – mastering won’t help!

If you need any advice on mixing or mastering your tunes, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to advice.

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