Recording studio Norfolk – how are we different?

Nothing thrills a musician better than a conducive atmosphere and a well-equipped vocal recording, audio mixing, and audio mastering studio. The three stages of song production go a long way to determining the success of the song. Bringing out the shine in your creative musical works required lots of investment in the vocal recording, audio mixing, and audio mastering gears. Any deficiency in any of those crucial stages produces dull music, technically deficient mixdown, poor vocal recording or capturing, and overly “crap” music that cannot take a step outside of the studio.

Quite a lot of time, musicians have a fight with the studio engineers over the poor sound output, clarity, loudness (“punchy”),etc. of their music. And the investment in bringing other musicians together and paying the recording session price ended up in future. Consequently, the musician becomes discouraged, disillusioned, and sad.

To prevent such a scenario, Recording Studio Norfolk has prepared a state-of-the-art audio recording and audio mastering gears to ensure best sound quality available for your music.


With one of the best acoustically treated studios around, Recording Studio Norfolk prides itself in the professional vocal recording that meets the world standard. The recording space is well-treated and laid-out to give you a psychological boost and comfort to enhance your performance and take your musicianship to the next level.

Your vocal recording cannot be easier and more professional elsewhere than at Recording Studio Norfolk. Working at your optimal capacity and effortlessly will bring out the very best you have got to stay ahead of the competition in the music industry. Take advantage of the leverage we provide.

Furthermore, your audio mixing will be given the best attention and clinical treatment to ensure warmness, richness, and loudness that will make it stand out and a reference in your category.

Recording Studio Norfolk – equipment is the key!

Here at Art Science recording studio, we are equipped with mastering gears that you find only in first class recording studios to cater to all your audio mastering jobs. Also, the engineers at Recording Studio Norfolk are professionals, who have excellent knowledge, training, and experience in the art of sound engineering, production, and craftsmanship.


Choose Recording Studio Norfolk for your project and enjoy a leap in your music. We devote our entirety to high-quality productions, and our quality is one of the few top-rated.

However, our recording session prices are neither exorbitant nor ridiculous. Our recording session prices are highly competitive to give access top musicians in all genres to benefit from our professionalism and passion. Get a high-quality music that will receive massive airplay on radio stations, TV shows, and in clubs all around.

Recording studio session price?

Recording studio session- £50 per hour

Recording studio session all day- 10 hours- £200

Online mixing or mastering- £50 per track

Attended session mixing or mastering-£60 per track.

At Artscience recording studio, quality is our passion.