If you are a professional musician, you know the importance of a professional recording studio in bringing out the best in your creative works. Recording Studio Norwich offers you unmatched sound quality and craftsmanship you can expect from any professional studio.
You know how much your performance can be affected by the recording space and atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Recording Studio Norwich gives a complete comfort that stirs up creativity and top performance to help you produce your best work. The studio is equipped to give you the chance of working at your best, effortlessly and in a relaxed manner. At Recording Studio Norwich, we provide high-quality services at unusually competitive prices.

We understand that your creativity deserves the best attention and care available to make your efforts, money, and time a highly rewarding investment. Consequently, we left no stone unturned to equip Recording Studio Norwich with a world-class recording gear to give your recordings a clean, heavy, and punchy feel that will ensure their survival in the world competition and unrivaled success.


Recording Studio Norwich is one of the few leading studios in Norwich

We approach music recording from a holistic perspective. Nothing is taken for granted; even the slightest decibel receives professional attention and care. The recording space is perfectly soundproofed to guarantee a professional acoustic level for vocal recording. Should your project requires you track drums, the drum room offers the high-quality acoustics. And if you have in mind to record live, there are enough microphones, cords, etc. to get your job done.

The list of available studio gear includes Neumann, UA 1176 compressor, Vintech preamps, tube amps, Lexicon reverb, Telefunken, a host of analogue processors, and more. Starting from vocal recording to audio mixing and audio mastering, we apply meticulous devotion to bringing out a world-class sound quality. Our quality is rated first, and our recordings receive airplay on radio stations, online music hubs, and TV shows all over the country and the world.

Recording Studio Norwich has highly experienced engineers

Whose experience spans different styles and genres. We have the right skills and experience for the style and sound you want. You can send your project for audio mixing or audio mastering from anywhere in the world via the internet, and you will receive a top quality job.

Recording price?

We offer great value for your money. Our prices include £15 for one-hour recording studio session, £200 for 10 hours (all day) recording studio session, £50 per track for online audio mixing or audio mastering, and £60 per track for attended session of audio mixing and audio mastering.

Key services

Are you are looking for vocal recording studio, or perhaps your new album needs to be mixed and mastered for commercial release? Find out more about the services we offer, what techniques and practices we use to achieve great sound.

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