Artscience recording studio mixing engineer explains what is audio mixing, when is it needed and what sort of price does it cost.

audio mixing

What is audio mixing?

Audio Mixing or Mixing Down as it is also referred to, is the combination of all recorded sounds/stems on your musical track, professionally mixed by an Audio Engineer. The Audio Mixing process creates a balanced and unified song that would then be presented to the Mastering Engineer.
A mixdown is the combination of audio tracks and adjusting of their positions in the stereo field, whilst controlling the frequency content and dynamics of their sound through EQ and compression. It also includes the application of effects such as reverb, which gives the audience an enhanced and more pleasurable listening experience.

Why audio mixing is needed?

Although many artists do mixdowm their music, there is a lot more to it than what most musicians/producers think. It is very difficult to achieve a balanced mixed in an untreated room, with only one set of monitor for the reference.
Because of space limitations and cost, many artists don’t have access to the tools that really makes the difference when it comes to mixing down an audio. We have spent time and money treating our studio acoustics and investing in high end studio equipments to ensure you don’t have to.

Audio mixing price?

We have the most affordable range of prices you can get anywhere and we still promise to give you the best service for your money. Below are the lists of our prices.
Recording studio session £15 per hour
Recording studio session all day – 10 hours – £200
Online mixing or mastering £50 per track / attended session £60

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